Preventing Developmental Delay in Children

We are a dedicated, committed and passionate team of experts focused on providing high-quality services geared towards helping parents and schools to prevent and eliminate developmental delay in a children’s education. 

Learning Begins With Us

First steps Intervention is a coordinated effort from partners who are passionate about easing the stress of parents and children who have or are at risk of developmental delay. We are dedicated to promoting healthy child development, universal developmental and behavioral screening for children, and support for the families and providers who care for them.

The Importance of Developmental and Behavioral Screening

Early identification allows communities to intervene earlier, leading to more effective and lower treatment cost during the preschool years, rather than expensive special education services in later childhood.

First steps will support families and providers to:

Families look forward to seeing their child’s first smile, first words and first step. Frequent screenings support to boost the knowledge of a child’s developmental trajectory, making it easier to expect and celebrate developmental milestones as they occur.

The regular screenings support families, teachers, and other professionals to make certain that young children get the services and supports they need, and as early as possible to help them succeed alongside their peers.

Merging the love and understanding families have of their children with tools, guidance, and tips recommended by professionals can make the most of the developmental support children receive.

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To provide the best care for children, parents need to understand the developmental indicators of their growing child. We offer the best child intervention services that meet your child’s need and puts a smile on parent’s face.

Services Overview

First Steps Intervention Consult aims at offering all our children, parents and teachers high-quality services that help eliminate developmental delay in children and promote healthy child development.

Special Education, Screening, Assessment & Monitoring

Our screening and evaluation helps to identify your child's learning challenges, determine the severity of the disability, and identify targeted interventions.

Developing IFSPs & IEPs

We offer quality IFSP & IEP process to the determine what services a young child with developmental delays or disabilities needs

Facilitating Your Child's Placement and Transition Process

Using one direction at a time, encouragement, redirection and modeling, we help in your child's transition process.

Child and Parental Advocate ​

We provide professional advocacy for both parents and children, including representing parents in IEP meetings.

Quality Professional Development Trainings for Teachers

Our training program areas include classroom management, school management, UDL and curriculum management.

Child Intervention Consulting

We offer child-intervention consulting, coaching and support services to parents/teachers who needs help.

Our Programs

Literacy Program

Our literacy program provides resources for parents and practitioners. The goal of the program is to promote the adoption and continuous use of evidence-based early literacy learning practices.

Handwriting Program

Our team of assistants and partners help children to improve and enhance their handwritings skills.

Maths Program

Through this program, we help children to understand basic math and arithmetic.

Our Client Testimonials

I am very grateful for this team and the services they provided for my family. Through their coordination, I was able to find the best school for my toddler with autism.

Gabriel, Accra

I was a quite hesitant about having an IFSP. However, I am grateful for it. Our family and child goals have been met and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Issack, Cape Coast

The IEP drafted for my 9-year-old helped his teachers to meet his educational goals. Her progress has been amazing, and we will recommend FSI any day.

Tawiah, Kumasi

FSI really helped us to advocate for the right of our child to be educated in an inclusive setting. - We are so happy with the extra resources provided for us by FSI.

Mark, Ghana

Through FSI intervention, my little boy with speech delay can use his communication board effectively. We are happy for this progress!!

Samantha, USA

My school has benefited from the in-service trainings provided by FSI for our teachers. The extra services of helping to redevelop our curriculum was so much appreciated. Our teachers are applying all the new skill they learned during the training.

Edward, USA

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